01. Stay on top of what’s on the mat

Wrestling Scoreboards & Scorekeeping Software

Stay on top of what’s on the mat with a ScoreVision LED jumbotron scoreboard display for wrestling. With athletes competing both individually and as a team, you’ll rarely find a more passionate group of athletes than wrestlers. Amplify that passion and engage the crowd with ScoreVision’s revolutionary multimedia scoreboards and software system. Track individual and team match scoring, names and colors, wrestler names and weight classes, and critical period, clock, and match information with the ScoreVision Scorekeeper App for wrestling. From headlocks to takedowns, to reversals and pins, wrestling is a dynamic and fast-moving sport that is easier than ever to score with the ScoreVision Scorekeeper App for wrestling.

Plus, Use The Same Scoreboard To Support The Other Sports You Play In Your Gymnasium, Like Basketball & Volleyball.

02. An engaging atmosphere is made simple

Wrestling Scorekeeper App

Effortlessly utilize other related technologies like Track Wrestling software, which is already integrated into the ScoreVision software system. Easily configure your LED jumbotron scoreboard display to show results for all teams and individuals competing in tournaments or duels. Wrestling matches have never been more intuitive to control or exciting to watch than on a ScoreVision LED jumbotron scoreboard display.


Make A Difference At Your Venue

If you’re looking to replace your traditional metal-box scoreboards with an engaging game-time experience, contact us today to learn more about what sets ScoreVision apart!