SmartTable™ Scorer’s Tables

01. engage fans from the sidelines

LED Scorer's Tables

Engage fans from the sidelines with LED scorer's tables powered by ScoreVision's user-friendly software. The ScoreVision SmartTable™ empowers you to showcase content that excites fans and sponsor messaging that helps support your athletic budget. You can even display custom scoreboards for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling with or without a ScoreVision multimedia scoreboard.

ScoreVision SmartTables™ are powered by ScoreVision's easy-to-use scoring and production software, and they give you a simple and affordable way to upgrade your fan experience whether or not you already have a ScoreVision video scoreboard system.

SmartTable LED Scorer's Table
02. excite fans, highlight sponsors, and display game information

Engage Fans with Scores and Media

With ScoreVision SmartTables™, you decide what kinds of content and information to share with fans.

Customers with ScoreVision multimedia displays already installed can simply add on ScoreVision SmartTables™ to extend the reach of your fan experience.

For facilities without ScoreVision systems, we also offer ScoreVision SmartTables™ as a stand-alone LED scorer's table solution that is powered by your choice of SmartHub Packages. Simply choose the right features for your facility from our options below, and you can bring the professional-level experience your fans deserve with software that's truly easy to use.

ScoreVision SmartTable Scorer's Table

ScoreVision SmartTable™

Showcase hype content and sponsor ads from the sidelines.

The SmartHub Media Package gives you access to our custom-built, easy-to-use Production Studio Software powered by a familiar iPad-based app (iPad controller included). You also get access to our exclusive Ad Management Cloud Software that lets you organize and automate your ad sequences ahead of game time.

SmartTable LED Scorer's Table

ScoreVision SmartTable™ with Scoring

Show scores and other important game information alongside hype content and sponsor ads.

The SmartHub Media + Scoring Package comes with everything in the Media Package, plus access to:

- All-digital scoreboard displays optimized for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling
- ScoreVision's custom-built, web-based Game Management Cloud Software
- ScoreVision Fan App, personalized to your school or facility, allowing you to engage fans even if they can't attend the game in person
- Additional iPad for running ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps
- Ability to integrate with the scoring system that runs your regular scoreboards, so you only have to keep score in one place

SmartTable™ Specifications

Regardless of which SmartHub Package you choose, all ScoreVision SmartTable™ scorer’s tables have the following features and specifications:

    • 6mm pitch, durable, long-life LED surface
    • Compact table design with folding tabletop
    • Durable aluminum frame with powder coat finish
    • Secure, non-marking 2.5″ rubber wheels for easy maneuverability
    • Built-in, multiple outlet power strip
    • Choice of ten padding color options
    • Dimensions: 96″ x 40″ x 29″
    • Brightness: 1800 nits
    • Resolution: 400w x 120h
03. Learn how you can bring the ScoreVision experience to your sidelines

Ready to Upgrade Your Fan Experience?

To learn how you can bring a professional-level fan experience to your sidelines with ScoreVision SmartTables™, request more information today!