When it comes to upgrading a traditional metal-box scoreboard to an LED jumbotron, it may seem like multimedia displays could be too fragile to withstand the wear and tear of stray basketballs, baseballs, extreme weather, and other hazards. Fortunately, ScoreVision sources only the best LED so every display we install will stand strong.

ScoreVision displays are sealed and protected by an IP65-rated durable casing, ensuring that our indoor and outdoor displays can withstand weather and the wear and tear of sporting events. Not only is our LED built to last up to 100,000 hours, the displays are comprised of modules measuring 1 foot by 1 foot. If any sort of damage or malfunction should occur, the magnetic mounts and quick-connect wiring make changing out a module nearly as easy as changing a light bulb. All indoor displays are easily serviceable from the front and all outdoor displays can be serviced from the back, eliminating the need for expensive repairmen.

Our displays are so durable, they even withstood Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

Watch our Confidence Camera footage during the hurricane in our short video below!

Upgrading to a ScoreVision LED display doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or durability at your gym, facility, or field. Enjoy all the benefits of a ScoreVision system – fundraising successenhanced fan experience, and increased educational opportunities for students – with the reliability you expect from a scoreboard.

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