ScoreVision LED Jumbotron Displays & Software: So Much More Than a Scoreboard

Published Sep 26, 2017, 01:00 am

The capabilities of the ScoreVision system span far beyond that of a single-function, metal box scoreboard or video board that gets mounted to a metal box. The enterprise software incorporates several technologies and custom apps that simplify both the control and production capabilities of jumbotrons and LED video displays.

Here’s a few examples of how our customers are leveraging their ScoreVision system outside a game:

1. Pep Rallies

It’s never been easier to create hype during a pep rally using ScoreVision. The integrated software and hardware creates excitement for the entire student body and faculty through cutting-edge animations, highlight reels and hype videos. Just ask Millard West and Canon McMillan, who both hosted pep rallies to showcase the many upcoming uses of their ScoreVision systems.

Chris Loofe, Athletic Director at Millard West, said in a recent interview, “the ScoreVision system was used to kick off the first pep rally of the school year. It was an exciting way for the entire student body and faculty to see the ScoreVision system in action for the first time. You could see the excitement and feel the energy in the room!”
ScoreVision Alternative Use

2. Graduations

No need to rent a venue when you can host graduation in your own gymnasium! Westonka High School and Hastings College utilized ScoreVision’s digital capabilities for their graduation ceremonies, using the LED displays to show students walking across the stage and receiving their diplomas.

ScoreVision Alternative Use

3. Hudl Film Review

Improve team performance and player development by incorporating Hudl film into your team’s practice. Take a page from the Delaware County Christian playbook, whose basketball team has been utilizing their ScoreVision system to review practice footage in real time. By streaming Hudl film to their LED display, the coach is able to give immediate feedback on game performance, which can then be practiced right on the spot.

Hudl Film Review with ScoreVision

4. Advertising Sponsorships and Fundraising

Most schools are being asked to grow their activities and athletics departments while working with a shrinking budget. Keep up with demands with ScoreVision’s integrated digital ad sequencing and management and unleash a world of fundraising opportunities for your school.

Jeremy Moore, Skutt Catholic High School's President, was able to pay for the school's indoor and outdoor systems as well as raise additional revenue for multiple programs for the school.

5. Movie Nights

Hastings College Volleyball Team used their ScoreVision multimedia system to host a movie night in the Lynn Farrell Arena on campus. The players brought blankets and pillows and cozied up for a film on the LED display, and raved about the vibrancy and quality.

“The quality and sound gave us a movie theatre experience, but without the crowds and discomfort of movie-theatre seats.”
Movie Night with ScoreVision Jumbotron Display

6. Awards Banquets

During Senior Night at Centerville High School, the faculty honored the Senior players of the basketball team by calling them to the court and displaying their individual pictures on the ScoreVision LED display.

Brainerd High School hosts an sports award banquet every year in their gym, and this event has been enhanced with the use of their ScoreVision system.

ScoreVision Alternative Use

7. Community Events

Bring the entire community together like never before. That’s exactly what Delaware County Christian did when it hosted Easter service in its school gymnasium, using their ScoreVision LED display and software to stream Bible verses and song lyrics.

Church Services with ScoreVision

8. Recruiting Athletes and Students

Wow potential recruits and think outside the box with a ScoreVision LED display. Iowa Western Community College has been utilizing their ScoreVision system to show recruits what it would be like to join the Reivers' team. See what Jeremy Capo, Athletic Director for the Reivers, had to say:

These are just some of the ways our customers are using their ScoreVision jumbotron scoreboards. Some other uses could be for craft fairs, school dances, and more - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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ScoreVision is changing the student, athlete, and fan experience across the country, and schools can’t believe all the ways the system can enhance events way beyond athletics. If you'd like to learn more about how your school could benefit from ScoreVision, schedule a demo today!

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