Nebraska State Powerlifting Championship Leverages ScoreVision Scoreboard

Published Mar 19, 2016, 04:14 am

High school power lifters from around the state descended this weekend on Brownell-Talbot School as they hosted the 2016 Nebraska Class C State Powerlifting Championships. Among the highlights was multi-sport athlete Krishn Rapoor (presented with Lifter of the Meet) from Brownell-Talbot who set a state record in the 148LB class with a state record squat of 435lb. Congrats to Brownell-Talbot who swept the boys, girls and coed championships.

ScoreVision was there for the championships as the Brownell-Talbot Raiders elevate, engage and educate their students and fans with our all-digital scoreboards. We continue to be impressed with the creative uses that students, coaches, scorekeepers and media departments come up with for the ScoreVision technology. The 2016 Nebraska Class C State Powerlifting Championships used the technology to keep coaches, parents, lifters and fans up to date on flights (groups of lifters), attempts and the current weight being lifted.

Most traditional scoreboards are geared towards one or two sports and as Brownell-Talbot continues to prove, ScoreVision has unlimited potential for all sports, assemblies and events. On-site reports found attendees excited about the amount of information available to them in real-time on the ScoreVision boards. They were able to follow the weight being lifted as it increased to state record levels. With both the boys and girls divisions happening simultaneously at The 2016 Class C State Powerlifting Championships they were able to utilize both boards to keep attendees up to date in real-time on both divisions with multiple stats. It is exciting to see ScoreVison continue to make an impact on the high-school sports experience in new and creative ways.


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