01. enhance educational opportunities

Bridge The Gap Between Academics & Athletics

At ScoreVision, we’re proud of how our system brings together students of any discipline and equips them with real-world skills that will benefit them in their future careers.

Multiple curriculums can be built around the ScoreVision system, providing students career-oriented opportunities to build and showcase their skills. Additionally, soft skills like communication, collaboration, teamwork, and managing deadlines can also be learned through these experiences. The ScoreVision system not only replaces scoreboard functionality, its benefits reach throughout the classroom and community.

Hear from a few ScoreVision schools about the benefits their jumbotron system is having on their educational process in the short video below!

02. Just A Few Examples

How Students Can Get Involved


Business students can learn about finance and business planning by creating strategies around selling sponsorship opportunities.


Marketing students can work with local businesses to create messaging, sell advertisements, brainstorm additional sponsorship options, and coordinate events.


Design students can learn and practice the best graphic design techniques by creating advertisements as well as designs for events like graduation ceremonies, pep rallies, banquets, and more.

Technology & Computer Science

Computer Science students can learn to utilize the software and hardware aspects of the ScoreVision system so that they can prepare for and manage upcoming events.


Broadcasting and A/V students can produce and coordinate all types of events and gain experience managing video, graphics, sound, camera feeds, and more.

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