Blue Springs School District (MO) is turning heads with ScoreVision

Published Sep 21, 2017, 01:00 am

When District Athletic Director Mark Bubalo first learned about the ScoreVision scoreboard system, he knew it was game-changing technology that he’d never seen from other scoreboard vendors. After seeing the system in person at an open house, he knew it would forever change the athlete, fan and student experience at Blue Springs School District and he knew he wanted it in his schools as soon as possible.

There was only one problem: there was no money available to fund such a purchase - a problem many schools we work with face. Plus, the idea of raising enough money to be able to purchase ScoreVision systems for both of their high school gymnasiums seemed like a lot to take on, and it was not something Mark was sure he could do.

After learning about our software’s digital ad capabilities from our Digital Media Sales Team, and hearing more success stories from other ScoreVision customers, he felt like it was worth a shot and decided to go gauge the interest level from a few area businesses.

In a matter of just a few weeks and with only 5 sponsors committed to support the project, Mark was able to raise enough money to purchase the ScoreVision system in both their high schools - Blue Springs High and Blue Springs South High.

“We had to raise the money through donations and not take a cent from the school district budget,” Bubalo explained. “And we were able to do it – in a much quicker fashion than I ever imagined.”

The ScoreVision software integrates digital advertising directly into the scoreboard layouts, increasing viewership and ad exposure for sponsors. The all-digital platform allows sponsors to change their ads on a weekly or monthly basis, allows them to use targeted ads or seasonal promotional content, and advertisers can leverage both static digital and animated digital ads. The ScoreVision system also sends ads to students and fans when they can’t attend games in person with the ScoreVision Fan App - further increasing the ad exposure and ROI for sponsors.

The new revenue-generating capabilities of the ScoreVision system will continue to generate revenue for the school district well beyond the acquisition. As with many districts around the country, new revenue streams are vital to schools as decreasing budgets are becoming the norm for many public schools.

Kelly Donohoe, Activities Director for Blue Springs High School, can’t wait to see the displays in action and the way they will elevate the game-time experiences for athletes and fans. The “WOW” factor one gets when they first see our system in action becomes secondary when staff and students start leveraging the technology in the classroom.

“What’s really going to be exciting,” Donohoe said, “is when we really get our students involved and show highlights from the game or show highlights from past games when our basketball, volleyball or wrestling teams are entering the gym that night. I can’t wait to see what type of learning tool they turn out to be.”

Marketing, Broadcasting and Computer Science students can leverage the ScoreVision system within their curriculums, and businesses love to support programs that benefit everyone at the school, not just student-athletes.

To see for yourself, read this article published by The Examiner here.

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