Scalable, self-funding jumbotrons that enhance the game-time experience for athletes and fans.

Give Your Fans a Jumbotron-like Experience

ScoreVision is a multi-faceted technology platform that replaces single-function scoreboards in schools and sports facilities with all-digital media boards. The ScoreVision system delivers professional, jumbotron-like game experiences similar to those at the college or professional sports level, but at a fraction of the price. In addition, this system turns any facility into a multimedia presentation room which can be leveraged for many other purposes outside of game time.

Product development is guided by three core principles, a little something we call The 3 Es:

ScoreVision Elevate


Inspire teams, ignite the crowd, and foster fan loyalty with advanced, in-game production capabilities our software offers. Elevate every event your school supports with high-resolution LED displays that seamlessly support multimedia presentations.

ScoreVision Engage


Excite fans and spectators with brilliant LED displays and dynamic, digital content that fuel engagement. Use hype and promotional videos created by students and sponsors to keep fans engaged. Our Fan App connects parents and fans to game information and promotional content when they can’t attend games in person.

ScoreVision Educate


Bridge the gap between classrooms and athletic facilities by building curriculums for those interested in Marketing, Design, Broadcasting, Computer Science and Business. Students can create content to be showcased on the ScoreVision system during games or other events at the school, and the system is easy enough for them to operate.

Unlimited Flexibility. Unmatched Simplicity.

The ScoreVision platform includes custom software and modern technologies that redefine the functionality and simplicity of a jumbotron experience. Our system is built with students in mind. Scorekeeping and advanced production capabilities are made simple with ScoreVision Apps, and a cloud-based central command center makes managing games and production a simple task with which anyone can operate.



The INPUTS are everyday tools like iPads, computers and cameras. These devices are simple and commonly used, creating an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for you.


The CORE CONTROLS is the “magic in the middle” that manages the complex and technical communication between the INPUTS and OUTPUTS, allowing the system to do the hard work so you don’t have to.


The OUTPUTS are state-of-the-art LED boards, televisions and mobile apps that deliver content in exciting, vibrant and interactive ways.

Our Products

The ScoreVision system is a multi-faceted, new-technology solution that replaces your single-function scoreboard with something that yields unlimited opportunities to do more.


Multimedia Displays

Our LED displays are completely scalable, so we can build a system for any size school or budget. We use 6mm pixel pitch LED for indoor displays and 10mm pixel pitch displays for outdoor applications, delivering a higher resolution experience for your athletes and fans. Our LEDs are custom made and meet specific quality and technical specifications.

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Scorekeeper App

Our Scorekeeper App provides basic scorekeeper functionality for each of the sport-specific apps we offer. It also incorporates advance, in-game animations and features unique to the ScoreVision system. The app is used to support games and practices by schools and clubs and is easy enough for a 10-year-old to operate.

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Producer App

Advanced production capabilities are simple with our Producer App. Working alongside the Scorekeeper App, the two apps control the entire game-time experience, and the Producer App serves as the universal remote to the ScoreVision rack and displays. Our apps deliver unlimited flexibility and unmatched simplicity. They replace the old-style, complicated technology others offer.

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Fan App

The ScoreVision Fan App shares game-time and leaderboard information with students and fans when they can’t attend games in person. Special features encourage fan engagement and make school and sponsor content available to viewers, extending the reach and frequency of your digital content.

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Grath Lutheran Testimonial
Grath Lutheran Testimonial
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